30 Years of hunting Prudence Island
My god where did 30 years go??
I really shouldn't have come this year as I under went major back surgery
July 27 which consisted of having  8 vertabrea fused and Titanium rods,
plates, screws put in my lower back. If that wasn't bad enough, my right
rotor cuff decided to give me a problem, so I'm trying to recover with one
and a half arms.

However, I was not about to miss my 30th straight year of hunting the
disabled hunt. Pain or no pain. It may not look it in the above picture but it
was basically 6:00 pm and I had been sitting up since 4:00 am, so I was in
quite a lot of pain.

The only thing I had seen besides this small deer was a coyote running down
the road as we put me on stand that morning. When this deer stepped out
and woke me up at about 5:55 pm I thought it was bigger than it actually
was and decided to take it because of the way I felt and we could catch the
morning ferry home. I reached for the camcorder and almost turned it on
but thought against it. The damn thing chimes when you turn it on and I was
afraid I would scare the deer she was so close. If I had seen her coming I
would have had time to, and talk about the perfect one to film to, as she
went right down.

I was't happy about that but one of these days I'll get a shot on video. I'm
almost convinced I need some else to take care of that and I just concentrate
on shooting. Oh well.... I do have some High Quality video for those with
cable or DSL to show a little bit of what it's like. I'm sorry I wasn't well
enough to take more video of places on the Island. I would have liked to
shown more but I just wasn't up to it.

As it turned out the young Doe weighed 53 lbs and actually those are the
ones that should be taken as the Island has been trying to get it's numbers
back up. We've been dealing with low numbers for a few years, so, if it can't
be a buck, I guess I did my part by leaving the bigger Does a lone.
Here's a few pic's of my stand and stuff I'll thumbnail so the page don't take
forever to load, plus links to videos.
Looking straight out of my blind watching
a heavy used trail.
Trail was leading just to the left of me
to a couple of white oaks.
Was kinda thick but I had hoped to
see them coming befor they reached
the shooting lane
My .58 all set up for a nice 40ish yard shot
I made sure to bloody Romeoh's knife
he sent me from Germany.
The following are HD video's, not for everyone I'm afraid, they are a lot of meg's. I did have several
of Uncle scouting but most were of an orange hat barely seen through the brush, it's grown up so
much now. So I decided not to post most of those here. The rest are just a taste of where we stay and
Arriving Monday morning
Unpacking the car
Limulus Lodge
Ferry ride over
New Blind
Shooting Lanes
Deer Down!
Seventh Flintlock deer taken off the
Island for me.
Catching the Ferry the next morning.
Well 30 years ago I shot my first deer over here and it turned out to be the
smallest I've ever taken off this Island. I was a green kid and didn't know what
to expect back then, so I guess it is kind of fitting to harvest a small one on this
30th anniversary. With a little luck, next year I'll be healed up and pain free so
I can spend a couple of days hunting again. I need to thank my Uncle and
everyone else who helped make this happen for me. Without them I never could
have done it. I tip my hat.....
Tom Meade from the Providence Journal did a write up the following Sunday.
It can be seen here,
30th Year hunt