Archery Harvests

Archery is something I've had a love/hate relationship with since taking the course in 1987. It probably has given me my most incredible memories while hunting, even though I wasn't lucky enough to harvest an animal for the first twenty years of trying! It has gotten me up close and personal with some really nice bucks through the years and I wouldn't trade the memories for anything.

A couple of things have changed for me in the last few years. One, I helped get the use of crossbows passed here for disabled hunters. In doing so, I was given a crossbow from the Horton rep who helped us demonstrate their usefulness. I have a portable blind and had a perminate blind built on piece of property I hunt.

First Archery deer for me. December 15, 2006 I took this 115 lb hog dressed 8 point at about 25 yards with my crossbow.

January 18 2007 I filled a late season Doe tag with this 90lb hog dressed Doe.