I make no apologies to no one for doing what Man has done all his existence. If anyone is offended by anything I have said, about to say, or by the pictures on this page, well you can leave. It's that simple. I grew up in a Hunting and Wildlife oriented Family. I know what we as Sportsmen have done for Wildlife.

Ok, I usually let my Guns or my Photo album do my talkin, as to what I have been able to do. If this is Bragging so be it. I see it as Dedication to something I truely love to do. I Hunt with a Bow, Black Powder, Shotgun and Rifle.

I have Hunted all over New England except N.H and Mass. Now I'm pretty much limited to my home State of Rhode Island and my Parent's place in the Adirondacks.

I am in no way a "Trophy Hunter" as most people define it. I concider all Deer a Trophy. What matters to me is finding them and outsmarting them. I choose to Hunt Bucks and dont care if I see the "King" of the woods, or a lowly Spike Horn.

All Hunts have a story to tell or a special meaning of some kind.

The eight point at the top left was my first racked Buck taken by Shotgun on Prudence Island. The seven point at the top right was the third Deer ever to be taken by Black Powder on Prudence Island, the first using a 54cal. patch and ball. In 1991 I was able to get permission to use Black Powder on our Special Disabled Hunt on Prudence Island. In 1991 I took a Spike Horn with my T/C White Mtn. It was the first Deer ever to be taken off the Island by Black Powder. I am proud to see that R.I has finally put the use of a Muzzleloader on Prudence Island during our special Hunt in the State Regs. To date, I have taken six Bucks with Black Powder on the Island. I prefer using Black Powder any chance I get.

I have Hunted Prudence Island since 1980 having hunted there the longest of any Disabled Hunter the State puts those who wish to hunt in contact with me. I tell them what to expect and what they need to bring on the Hunt. In the 24 seasons I have Hunted the Island I have seen alot and I have been lucky to take 17 Bucks, and I've never gotten "Skunked."

First Deer taken by Black Powder off Prudence Island. It was captured on video.

As a kid I would read any magazine with a Deer on it. I still do today. The single most important thing I think to be successful in Hunting Whitetails is to know everything possible about the animal. Even then, they seem to show you something now and again that you don't know everything! Such is the life of a Deer Hunter! One magazine I highly recommend is Deer&Deer Hunting. I am a Life Member of North American Hunter. They have an excellent magazine also. I am a NRA member and a member of United Bow Hunters of Rhode Island. A member of Northeast Big Buck Club, if your from the Northeast check the NBBC out.

This big six point didn't show up where I had seen him the day before while scouting. On a hunch I moved to where the Does had been active earlier that day.

This nice six point and I played cat and mouse for two days on a four day hunt. Passed up alot of Does before I got a shot at him.

If I had to pick my most cherished memory, there are to many to do that, but this Prong Horn Antolope would be high on that list. In 1988 I was fortunate enough to be asked to Hunt in the fourth annual Helluva Hunt in Wyoming. I glas bedded the forearm of my Ruger number 1 International chambered for the 7mm Mauser. Then I worked up a load using the Nosler 140gr Ballistic Tip Bullets. That little gun will shoot a group under two inches at two hundred yards. I ended up taking this Antolope at 497 yards, no that is not a typo! Last time I checked it was still the second longest shot in the history of that Hunt.

In November 1995 this Rhode Island big Ten point became my ninth consecutive Black Powder Buck. He scored 144 and 6/8 and is in the new Northeast Big Buck Club record book. A five point taken in 1996 was my tenth consecutive Buck taken by Black Powder. I can't put them all on here but I hope this shows that if you want something bad enough you can do it.

I use a Darton Wrangler Bow set at 65 pounds and use 2315 arrows with Muzzy broadheads.

My two main rifles I use are a Ruger #1 International chambered for the 7mm Mauser. I use 140gr Barnes bullets in it now. A Remington 700 mountain rifle in 7mm Mauser I use 120gr Barnes bullets. Both have taken Deer and all have dropped in their tracks. If you reload and have not tried Barnes bullets yet, try em!

A Ruger #1 in .338 win mag, and Ruger #3 in 45-70.

I have an original Peabody Hammer gun circa 1868, that I rescued. A civilian carbine in rough shape, I brought it back to life and now chambered for the 45-70 Black Powder cartridge, I hope to take a Deer with it.

My Black Powder guns are now a T/C 50cal White Mountain, a 54cal Traditions Pioneer rifle for round balls and a new Ruger 77-50. My "White Smoke" is made from real Black Powder too. I have owned and used a T/C Renagade, T/C Thunder Hawk, T/C Fire Hawk.

My shotguns are an old Remington Wingmaster Slug gun in 12ga.

An Ithaca Model 51 in 12ga.

For those who like to tinker, I spent one summer at the Range burned alot of powder trying a box of every 50cal bullet on the market through my guns. The only bullet I found to beat the original Maxie Ball was the 460gr White Buck Buster bullet. Easier to load and very accurate but I hunt from a clean gun and did not like the idea of fouling the barrel before loading. While I was paper patching some 45cal bullets for my 45-70 Black Powder rifle, my Uncle came by with a pack of White bullets I had asked for, then it hit me. I had some .0011 patch paper so I cleaned the lube off one bullet and made a rough patch. I lubed the patch then I placed the bullet on the muzzle of my gun and found it snug but easy to push in with my thumb. A session at the Range showed the first "Patched" bullet shot in the same place as unpatched follow up shots. So now my first shot is with these "Patched" bullets and regular bullets are used for a second shot if need be. This holds the bullet right where it should be right on top of the powder and will not move. My Uncle was so impressed he has me patching them for him. The big ten point in the above picture was taken with a Patched White bullet and I have taken two other bucks with them. (Note) All lube is cleaned from the bullets, a soft tooth brush helps do this. Patches are wrapped Dry with alittle bit of Wonder Lube rubbed on after patching, the tails are left on until just before loading. We put the bullets back in the Tubes that White bullets come in. When you are ready to load just snip the tail off as close to the base as you can and load.

When it comes to Scents I have used them and I'm sure I will from time to time. Don't get caught up in the gotta get this new gadget craze. There are a lot of people out there that want your money, they say we glow if we don't wash our clothes in this stuff. Well a lot of Deer have been taken by people that glow then, including myself. Never bought the UV killer never will. I used to descent myself but it makes no sense to me sitting upon a machine that must smell of gas, oil and grease to a Deers nose. I pay close attention to the direction of the wind, I have it always hitting me in the face. If I find the Deer moving steady through my area I will setup a "Holding" scent, usually just Doe urine or Dominate Buck a hundred or seventy five yards from my stand. It usually works, stopping them long enough for me to decide if I want em or not. I can say I have taken more Deer without the use of scents then with and I have had a lot come in from behind me. It has always amazed me when that happens and I have taken a couple that way.

I'm not against taking Does. I have taken a few.

There is pretty much no excuse for anyone not to enjoy the Outdoors. You don't have to hunt but if you want to why not? I have a friend in Maine who has MD, he is basically a Quadriplegic. He hunts from an Electric Wheel Chair, his gun is mounted on one of the arms of the chair. He shoots by using a wooden dowel that has a bent piece of wire at one end. With this dowel held in his mouth, he is able to manipulate the guns bolt, the safety and carefully pull the trigger. It works for him and he has taken a few Deer that way. I have seen other "Quads" that had adjustable gun rests mounted to their chairs with levers they are able to push or pull to get their gun on target. A few years ago one of my friends who only has one arm and hunted with a gun, wanted to Bow hunt. He had a special prosthesis made that bolted to the Bow, now he Bow hunts. I have read a couple articles about blind Bow hunters and how with the help of another persons eyes they are able to Bow hunt. A sighting system that allows the other person sitting behind the Bow hunter to sight the Bow is used and it works. I know a few "Paras" that Hunt, a couple will wheel themselves through all kinds of stuff to Hunt. What all these people have in common, is something was preventing them from doing what they wanted to do. They didn't sit there and say they can't do it, they did something about it. From what I have seen anyone with a Disability who has the desire to Hunt, can.
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