The rear ramrod pipe and upper pipe pictured here on the
left were supplied with the rifle. They are basically blanks
allowing the builder to file grooves and modify them anyway
you wish to.  I'm sure an experianced gun builder can make
them look like a piece of art...but I figured if I was to get
them to look some what like any of the examples in the
pictures, I better start with the pipes pictured on the right.
The 1792 Contract rifle has a rear ramrod pipe that has a
rounded tang, which is an uncommon feature for a Kentucky
rifle. I cut out a template and glued it to the tang for a guide.
Here it is filed to shape. I also removed the dimple in the
tang. Except for a good buffing, it's ready for inletting into
the stock. I think this looks alot closer to one of the originals
than anything I could have tried to make from the pipes
supplied with the gun.