A few years back an old trapper that spent many days roaming
the Adirondacks, gave my father a couple of pints of bear oil.
Saying it was good for many things, from water proofing boots
to curing skin problems. Well those two pints got filed away
and forgotten about. Until I happened to mention reading
about bear oil during some of my research for this project. I
mentioned it because I have an uncle that bear hunts every
year and I had visions of possibly getting a hold of some bear
fat to render down to oil and making my own bear grease. So
you could have knocked me over with a feather once I learned
there already was some bear oil hidden away here somewhere.

A search turned up one of the pints. I then called a friend of
mind who has a couple of beehives and told him I needed some
fresh beeswax. I could have bought some but to me, it has more
meaning coming from a friend and fresh out of a hive. He
brought me a gooey mess the next day that I melted and
filtered three times.

I mixed a batch of  60% bear oil and 40% beeswax. This will
lube all of my patches used for hunting. I could have just used
store bought lube but it just wouldn't mean as much. That old
trapper "Gibby" is no longer with us. I think I am extremly
lucky to have found his bear oil at a time I was in need of some.
It was as if this gift of his was ment for this all along. And I'm
sure he would have approved.