Oct 13, 2004 armed with 2 tags I decided to take the first deer
that gave me a good shot. I was setup in a Ameristep Penthouse
blind. A button buck gave me a slight quartering away shot at
50 yards at 4:00pm and became the first deer taken by the
1792. The animal dropped where he stood. At 5:45 the 8 point
here gave me a perfect broadside shot at 20 yards. He went less
than 35 yards before piling up. And hog dressed at 132 lb's.

I learned real quick the day before that this wasn't going to be
easy. I had no idea until that first morning what I was running
into. It's difficult at best dealing with a long heavy rifle inside a
blind and a pair of cross sticks. Makes moving and setting up
on a deer for a possible shot one big hassle. Because of this I
missed a couple chances. I had found at the range that loading
was extremely difficult for me and next to impossible when the
bore is fouled. I'm just not able to get the right leverage
because of it's length.

The above hunt I had someone with me but back here at home
during our regular muzzle loader season, I hunt alone alot.
Jumping on my
"Swamp Rat" Pug CATV and off I go. So I
need a "Short Rifle" one thats lighter and easier for me to
handle. Thats something I have to work on over the winter...