Oct 11, 2005 found me setup in my Ameristep blind on a wet rainy day. With
rain and wind forecast to steadily get worse all week, I decided not to waste
much time in filling my tags. At 8:30 am I had five deer out in front of me at
about 40 yards. I picked out the biggest one, crossed my fingers hopeing my
powder was dry and fired when he turned broadside. My 1803 Harpers Ferry
dropped him where he stood with a spine shot. He only hog dressed at 80 lbs
but its a buck and some good eating. He became my 13th buck taken on the
Island with a muzzle loader since 1991.

At 4:45 pm I filled my anterless tag with a Doe that also dressed at 80 lbs. Shot
through the lungs at 25 yards broadside, she barely made 10 yards before
dropping. I would have liked to have gotten pictures of both deer with my 1803
but unfortunately it down poured not two minutes after the Doe was dressed
making that impossible. When we checked the deer in, we found out one of the
Biologists was collecting heads for a CWD study... so we missed out on pictures
of it.
Oct 31, 2005 opening day of our muzzle loading season. I decided to load up
and use my 1792 this day. At 3:50 pm this small Doe stepped out and after
watching her for five minutes, she gave me a clear slightly quartering away
shot at 70 yards. She ran less than 50 yards and dropped, filling one of my
anterless tags.