Paraplegic and double amputee hunters on Prudence Island

The season will be open October 13, 1998 through October 16, 1998, inclusive, during legal shooting hours.

The taking of deer will be limited to paraplegic and double amputee hunters only.

A special hunting license must be obtained through the License Division, 235 Promedade St. Providence, RI 02908 (401) 277-3576 by each applicant prior to the hunt. None will be issued on the Island. An application signed by a physician for a first-time hunter, or a photocopy of a previous paraplegic/double amputee hunting license is required. Residents 65 and older and Disabled can obtain a free hunting license. Nonresident hunting license is $41.00 a three day tourist license is avalible for $16.00. Resident Deer tag is $7.50, nonresident Deer tag is $25.50.

None of the hunter's assistants will be allowed to hunt or carry firearms at any time. No license is required of the assistants.

All hunters and assistants must register on and off the Island upon entering or leaving with the officer-in-charge.

All deer taken must be checked by a Conservation Officer or Department designee prior to leaving Prudence Island.

All deer wounded, but not recovered, must be reported as soon as possible to the officer-in-charge.

Ammunition limited to slugs - - 10, 12, 16, or 20 gauge only, buckshot is allowed by special permit only, 00 or larger. Hunters may use muzzle-loading firearms as defined under Muzzle-loading Deer Season.

Firearms for muzzle-loading deer season are limited to .45 caliber or larger using percussion caplock, flintlock, or older ignition systems and in-line ignition systems. Only single or double barrel firearms are allowed. All conversion kits which use a replacment barrel to convert a typical modern shotgun into a muzzle-loading rifle are prohibited. Approved sights are fixed iron sights, peep sights, aimpoints and scopes are now legal to use on muzzle loaders, as of the 1997-98 season.

Ammunition for muzzle-loading deer season is limited to a single lead projectile, including round ball, or maxi ball type projectiles. Sabot rounds for muzzle loader firearms either lead or jacketed are limited to .43 caliber or larger. Powder is limited to black powder or equivalent substitute. Possession of modern shotgun shotshells is prohibited. A muzzle-loader is considered unloaded when the percussion cap or pan powder is removed.

Written permission of the private landowner must be obtained and, in conformance with local ordinances, must be countersigned by the Chief of Police or his representative on the Island.

Once a deer is taken, the successful hunter may no longer carry a firearm in the field, but may assist his fellow hunter.

Prudence Ferry, Church Street Wharf Bristol RI

Phone (401)253-9808 reservations must be made for vehicles. Round trip ticket for cars or trucks, two people $35.00. Campers $75.00 and up depending on length.

When I get a new schedule I will put times here, you can only get them by phone a half hour before departure time. Also above prices may have changed so they are ball park figures.

The State allows Disabled Hunters to stay in a four bay garage that is heated and old Navy bunks are setup and provided. If at all possible you can bring your own bunk you may want to. There isn't many bunks. Some people have set up tents, and some come in campers and sleep in them. There is a bathroom and a stove. It is up to you to bring enough food for you and your "walker" the days you plan to be there. Anyone who wants to take part in this hunt please email me if at all possible tell me the day you plan on comming. The caretaker of South Prudence only seems to know when the season is, when I call him a week before. I try to give him a good idea of how many hunters to expect so he can prepare for us.

South Prudence was left to the State in 1973 when the Navy pulled up anchor and left. It now consists of just over 800 acres. It has cement roads leading to abandoned bunkers, dirt roads and fire breaks. It is ideal for wheel chairs for the most part, some sandy areas could pose a problem for the adventurous type.
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