(2001 Version)

After 12 years of useing the Polaris, it was time for a new "Rat". Lot's of machines to choose from. Seems everybodys makeing a CATV now. I checked em all out and was leaning towards a new 6x6 Polaris. Then the new Pug, Wilderness 2 came in finally and I got a close look at it. I was impressed with it's ruggedness, wider and more stable stance. A simple easy to work on 18 horse briggs with room that makes maintenance a breeze. I bought one, put an old set of hand controls on it and off we went. Still being twinked abit and I am very happy with it.

The seat in the back is mounted on a power pedestal that will raise the seat another 6 inches. I don't raise the seat for hunting but the seat must be raised to gain access to the storage box mounted in the back. The box contains survival stuff, MRE's, first aid kit, tools, tire patch kit, (all four tires have 12 ounces of Slime inside them too)lantern, glow sticks and other survival items that will in all likelyhood never get used but it's a good feeling knowing it's all there.

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